On June 14th Mariette Doornekamp, CEO at Deeptech Equity NL (Deeptech Equity NL) was on stage during a NATO/NIF lunchtime discussion event at Nieuwspoort The Hague. Together with David van Weel (Assistant Secretary General, NATO), Agnes Venema (security policy expert and researcher at DCAF) they had a constructive dialogue about the new headquarters of NATO’s Innovation Fund (NIF), a multi-sovereign capital fund which will stimulate the development of emerging technologies in security and defence. NATO’s NIF will be situated in the Netherlands. The dialogue was aimed at what difference such technologies can make in the future of warfare, and how will the NIF help safeguard the military alliance? How to ensure that new technologies are developed responsibly, with an eye for bias and ethical concerns? And what can the Fund do for companies in the deep-tech sector? The event was moderated by geopolitical analyst Alex Krijger (Krijger & Partners). This event was organized in association with The American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

This event will be made available to the public by means of a Podcast. Details will follow soon.